What is Lofting? (The Big Debate)

The Loft is the name of a Club.  It was the residence of David Mancuso, the innovator of the Tweeter and Legendary DJ.  A collective of people from all walks of life would gather at David's house which was located at a very underground location on Prince Street in NYC.  From Prince street, he move to other locations ending finally in Alphabet City in the late 80's early 1990's.  His home was called The Loft.

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Pioneers of Freestyle Dance

First things first ...

There are so many genres of dance that encompass what many call "House Dance."   Several Elders from the Dance Community along with myself, call it Freestyle or Free Spirit Dance that is done to all kinds of music.  Just for the record the information in this blog relates to this Freestyle dance that many now call "House Dance" ONLY.  For detailed history on other Urban Freestyle Dances (Waacking, Popping, Locking, Voguing, B-Boy, etc.) see other Dance Community Elders and pioneers of that particular style.

So, the question that's been coming up lately is: Who started all of this?  

Did it happen at the Garage, did it happen in the 90's?   There are so many people both active and missing from the scene who have made contributions to the dance and it's current evolution.   Just for the record however, there is nothing new under the sun.  I learned from watching dancers at the clubs, jams and from kung fu flicks.  A lot of my friends also learned the same way.  For the new dance generations of today,  I suggest that you do your research and double check anything that you consider a fact.  

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House Fundamentals: Discovering the Dance

Some where out there, in the intangible universe, there's this really vague idea of what House Dance is.  We know we can do a lot of different movements, we know we will drive OOoo's and Ahh's when we do tricks but really, What exactly is House Dance?  We know what Breaking is and Popping, Locking.  We know Vogue and Waacking ... What is it then?  This obscurity when it comes to this one particular genre that we call House Dance?  Yes, it's Freestyle/Free-Spirit, etc.  And yes, it draws on many different forms of dance.  But can you do whatever you want to do in the dance and call it House Dance?  No.  Absolutely not and a lot of my elders will agree with me on this ...

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