What is Lofting? (The Big Debate)

The Loft is the name of a Club.  It was the residence of David Mancuso, the innovator of the Tweeter and Legendary DJ.  A collective of people from all walks of life would gather at David's house which was located at a very underground location on Prince Street in NYC.  From Prince street, he move to other locations ending finally in Alphabet City in the late 80's early 1990's.  His home was called The Loft.

When I went to David's house (at the Alphabet city location in 1983/84), it didn't matter what genre of dance you came from, (B-Boy, Modern, Burner, Top rock, Hustle, Up Rock, African, Martial Arts, Ballet, Tap,  etc.)  you would end up doing various Floor Movements.  We used to do Power Slides, Chest Glides, Spinning Tops, etc.  It was a very eclectic gathering of people and there were many cliques but everyone found their own unique style.  The dance that we were all doing was a Freestyle Dance.  The energy there made you dance different.  It was an ambiance like no other and it made people express that feeling through some incredible movements.  Because David played the songs from beginning to end you got to appreciate the music fully.  

So Lofting is a Free Spirit Style.  It is an experience.  At the Loft Practice we don't teach Lofting we teach our experience in Dance and Culture.  A fusion of all of the styles that we have mastered.  We build on Rhythm, Floorwork, Footwork, Conditioning and everything that we know will push you further in your movement and growth as a dancer because that's how we learned.  It's a life experience.

Here's some more info from Loft and Garage Head Luis Baez:

As I can best remember there were 2 places or more at the time that many of us frequented, but The Paradise Garage and the Loft was/were it . You had Fri and Sat for the Paradise Garage, and Sat for "the Loft". But if you wanted the 2 you would visit the Paradise Garage on Fri then Hopefully recover early enough to Make David's Loft. Why I say this, "recover", is because breaking Friday night at PG was a lot, and I mean a "lot" (to me at least). How much can a body take in this indoor environment while under the spell of an incredible sound design by RLA via Larry Levan? Fast forward to visiting "the Loft". David's sound was just as incredible too, not as loud or heart thumping but wonderfully pleasing to the ears (especially after an all-nighter at the garage) He would sound ck til it felt right. The two were unique in sound, Larry Levan's PG did it for me though. Yes, I would go to "the Loft" but not nearly as much as I did the "Garage". I was a "Garage head" from 81' til the "final nights" of 87'.

Now, keep following me readers.

Loft hours if I remember right were midnight(Sat) to Sunday's last record to play. These hours weren't set. Meaning the closing would vary depending on David, Friends, and members. When I did go to "the Loft" I would do my best to "recover" for Sundays wee hours of the mornings' David's music. My first visit was the one on "Prince st", 2 floors, the main and downstairs. The downstairs is where I took notice to the "dancing". Wow! The music and the dancing! wow! freack'n holy cow! NO COMPETITION! if anything it was friendly. Pockets of sharing and good natured love for movement ... at peace with oneself. The relocating to the east village changed a bit, but the intentions from David were still the same. Love to all who entered his home and may all the "dancers" continue ...

I have great memories from "the Loft" and I want to thank Theresa Fernandez for pushing me to go after those long Fridays to Saturday afternoons.

Conrad Rochester and I first met at the Paradise Garage. A young quiet guy, wanting to roll, eager to say the least. Circles were different then , still "no competition". Just the love for the dance. He along with the likes of Chino3, Son, and Carlos Sanchez(LES) would dance. There were others too, loyal following(members) from Bkln, Bx, and even strong island! Again, sharing the floor for " THE DANCE ". But Conrad, whom many of you know, has been trying to keep this 'ALIVE'. Possibly frustrated at times simply to pass along to those who have invested countless of hours in our "historic dance culture". He's everywhere and will be everywhere til he's done his part ... and that is to handover to you, The following generation(s).

As for "What is Lofting?(the big debate)"... Who really named it "Lofting" and when ? To this day, I(we) old timers never really called it anything back then. Myself as early as 81' for sure did not label.

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